week 52: hannah and stephanie’s pick – New York Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Crumb Topping


bear with us, this is going to be a lot of text, but please read until the end! or if you’re impatient, just skip all of the middle and scroll down to the end.this last week isn’t anything super extravagant or impressive but it’s a combination of everything we love. this cheesecake is the first recipe stephanie bookmarked when this project started and since we both love chocolate, we dressed it up a bit in our own way. enjoy the last recipe of 2012!

here are a few closing thoughts:
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week 51: hannah’s pick – French Macarons with Buttercream Filling


i’ve wanted to make macarons ever since i tried my first one at Ladurée this summer. i loved the light crunch of the shell, the soft chewiness of the inside, and the slightly sticky sweetness of the filling. of course we had to try and make our own macarons! it wasn’t easy–there’s a lot more technique to making them than i’d expected and we definitely hit a few bumps in the road, especially when it came to getting the feet of the shell. but it was really cool for me to get to try something completely new that went beyond just mixing ingredients together and sticking it in the oven. hopefully the next time we make macarons we’ll get them just right! 🙂
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week 50: stephanie’s pick – Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


it’s no secret that my favorite dessert is any form of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (although crème brûlée comes extremely close). i’ve made too many red velvet cupcakes in my life to count, but this recipe is one of the best! it makes a moist cake with a deep red color, characteristic of a good red velvet cake. it’s been a long and tiring week so far and i could definitely go for one of these right now!

week 49: stephanie’s pick – Gooey Butter Cookies


when i first came across these cookies and saw that they were described as tasting like baked cream cheese frosting, i knew i had to try them. and they do in fact taste like baked cream cheese frosting! they’re the kind of cookies that are gooey (hence the name) and delicious when they’re warm out of the oven, but just as amazing cold out of the fridge. as it is december now, holiday baking season has started and i cannot wait to bake hundreds of christmas cookies in these next few weeks! pretty soon, we’ll be up to our elbows in flour, butter, and sugar. these gooey butter cookies are certainly one of my favorites.

week 48: stephanie’s pick – The Baked Brownie


it seems as though we have been making brownies ad nauseam in our house lately. there’s always some sort of social event to bring dessert to and brownies are the quickest things to whip up. my mom keeps a steady supply of betty crocker brownie mix around (which i refuse to eat, being the dessert snob i am), but these brownies are not box mix brownies! though the thin, crackly top and dark brown color of these brownies are reminiscent of brownies from the box, these have a rich depth of flavor and a delicious, fudge texture. the recipe is from Baked, which is, in my opinion, one of the best bakeries in NYC. it’s hard to say whether i’ve found the perfect brownie yet, but these could possibly be it!

there’s so few weeks left in the year that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to pick which baked goods to show you guys each week! there are many desserts that will unfortunately be unseen within this project. but the last few recipes of the year are some of my favorites, so go and make these brownies! yes, they require a bit more labor than simply whisking in oil, water, and eggs into some brownie mix, but they are SO good.

week 47: stephanie’s pick – Pumpkin Spice Bread


i can’t believe thanksgiving is tomorrow! it is by far my favorite food holiday and there is so much i have to be thankful for this year.
in our family, we always eat lots and lots of food on thanksgiving and we do a pretty traditional american dinner. as good as the main course is, i always look forward to dessert. i’ve made this pumpkin bread so many times in the past couple of weeks because it is so moist and delicious and one of the fastest and easiest things to bake, which is especially helpful on school nights. it isn’t the most beautiful looking thing, but it sure tastes good and it captures all the warm and lovely holiday flavors. i hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!