week 52: hannah and stephanie’s pick – New York Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Crumb Topping


bear with us, this is going to be a lot of text, but please read until the end! or if you’re impatient, just skip all of the middle and scroll down to the end.this last week isn’t anything super extravagant or impressive but it’s a combination of everything we love. this cheesecake is the first recipe stephanie bookmarked when this project started and since we both love chocolate, we dressed it up a bit in our own way. enjoy the last recipe of 2012!

here are a few closing thoughts:
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week 30: stephanie’s pick – Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

mmm this is one of the first recipes that i bookmarked when i first started this project. it’s definitely not one of the prettiest desserts i’ve made, but it certainly is one of the most decadent and delicious. i mean, how can you not love Continue reading

week 22: hannah’s pick – Chocolate Buttermilk Cake Donuts

today was our church’s annual Memorial Day picnic, and I wanted to bring something fun and easy to eat, so I decided to make donuts! they came out pretty good and the sprinkles made them really colorful and pretty and stuff 🙂 and they actually tasted better after they’d been frozen, in my opinion.♥

week 18: hannah’s pick – Hostess Cupcakes

today is my dad’s birthday!!! he’s a big fan of hostess cupcakes (http://www.hostesscakes.com/cupcakes.asp), so we thought it would be fitting to make our very own fake hostess (“fauxstess”) cupcakes! a huge thanks to stephanie and my mom for baking while i studied for my aps ♥ and happy birthday daddy ♥

week 16: hannah’s pick – Chubby Hubby Brownies

hannah’s at a sleepover right now so i guess i’ll fill in for her this week. we made brownies this weekend and they were soooo delicious! you can’t really see from the picture since my hand is reaching for one, but it’s a layer of fudgy brownies at the bottom, then a malted cheesecake layer, followed by melted caramel and crushed peanut butter filled pretzels, another layer of brownie, and topped with caramel and pretzels. i think that sounds like a pretty good combination.

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week 14: hannah’s pick – Chocolate Cookies

so this past saturday, stephanie went with some friends to meet baking blogger joy the baker! she also picked up a signed cookbook (seen on the left), and we both immediately knew that we had to make something from it. after looking through, i picked the chocolate cookies, and they came out smelling delicious!


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