week 49: stephanie’s pick – Gooey Butter Cookies


when i first came across these cookies and saw that they were described as tasting like baked cream cheese frosting, i knew i had to try them. and they do in fact taste like baked cream cheese frosting! they’re the kind of cookies that are gooey (hence the name) and delicious when they’re warm out of the oven, but just as amazing cold out of the fridge. as it is december now, holiday baking season has started and i cannot wait to bake hundreds of christmas cookies in these next few weeks! pretty soon, we’ll be up to our elbows in flour, butter, and sugar. these gooey butter cookies are certainly one of my favorites.


week 45: stephanie’s pick – Leftover Halloween Candy Chocolate Chunk Cookies


despite the weather and effects of hurricane sandy last week, we were lucky enough to be still be able to go trick-or-treating! however, because of the storm, we didn’t get too many kids visiting our house this year, so we ended up with lots of leftover chocolate lying around. for these cookies we sort of made up the recipe as we went along, and i think we had a combination of hershey bars, whoppers, and crunch bars thrown into the cookie dough. they were chewy and delicious and were a great way for us to use up our extra candy!

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week 27: stephanie’s pick – White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

these may possibly be my favorite kind of chocolate chip cookies – they’re the perfect balance of sweet and salty and somehow extremely addictive. the worst part of these cookies is probably that one container of macadamia nuts cost $10! crazy, but so worth it. i made these (at the request of tahsin) and brought these to a city ou

ting. five skinny trackies devoured about 30 of these in a few hours. i should make these again sometime soon.

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