week 50: stephanie’s pick – Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


it’s no secret that my favorite dessert is any form of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (although crème brûlée comes extremely close). i’ve made too many red velvet cupcakes in my life to count, but this recipe is one of the best! it makes a moist cake with a deep red color, characteristic of a good red velvet cake. it’s been a long and tiring week so far and i could definitely go for one of these right now!


week 24: hannah’s pick – Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

two of my good friends, Alexa and Ivy, recently celebrated their birthdays and earlier in the year, I had promised Alexa I would make her a chocolate cake for her birthday. I realized later on that it’s rather difficult to bake an entire cake while studying for midterms, and so I had to adjust my plans and wound up making chocolate cupcakes instead! Despite my inability to frost, these came out really well! The tartness of the frosting was a nice addition to the sweetness of the cupcake and they were really dense and moist. I’ve always been a huge fan of Annie’s recipes, and her frosting was perfect.

week 23: stephanie’s pick – Strawberry Cupcakes

these are long overdue, but it’s been a very busy week, so i apologize for the delay. i didn’t actually get to eat one of these cupcakes it its entirety, but from what people told me, they tasted really good! i’m not much of a fruit for dessert type of person (personally, i’d choose chocolate anyday), but summer is near and fresh fruit these days is delicious, so why not use it in a cupcake i guess. oh also, a lot of people tell me how i don’t share my baked goods, but i brought these to the seekers open mic/coffeehouse last week! they were gone by the time i went to pick up my containers, so i hope those of you who came enjoyed them.

week 18: hannah’s pick – Hostess Cupcakes

today is my dad’s birthday!!! he’s a big fan of hostess cupcakes (http://www.hostesscakes.com/cupcakes.asp), so we thought it would be fitting to make our very own fake hostess (“fauxstess”) cupcakes! a huge thanks to stephanie and my mom for baking while i studied for my aps ♥ and happy birthday daddy ♥

week 17: stephanie’s pick – Triple Salted Caramel Cupcakes

when me and hannah don’t want to study for our ap exams, we end up baking cupcakes. i had lovely things to say about these cupcakes back when we made them this morning, but we just got back from stuffing our faces at a japanese buffet (or at least i did), so i can hardly look at food right now. i’d say that these cupcakes were the perfect balance of sweet and salty. and the fancy sugar design on the top is my favorite part!