week 46: hannah’s pick – Garlic Parmesan Pull-Apart Bread

when i first found saw this recipe, i was immediately drawn to it – it combined two of favorite things, bread and cheese! i put it away, though, and didn’t consider it for the project simply because it wasn’t a dessert like we usually do and so i assumed it wasn’t baking. then stephanie pointed out to me that the bread still goes in the oven (duh!) so it technically was baking…and i knew that we had to do it! this bread came out so good, and the flavors were subtle yet worked together perfectly. everyone in my family loved this bread and i’m glad we finally got to switch things up!

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week 45: stephanie’s pick – Leftover Halloween Candy Chocolate Chunk Cookies


despite the weather and effects of hurricane sandy last week, we were lucky enough to be still be able to go trick-or-treating! however, because of the storm, we didn’t get too many kids visiting our house this year, so we ended up with lots of leftover chocolate lying around. for these cookies we sort of made up the recipe as we went along, and i think we had a combination of hershey bars, whoppers, and crunch bars thrown into the cookie dough. they were chewy and delicious and were a great way for us to use up our extra candy!

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